"the moment you start feeling whole, empowered, loved, the moment you start creating that energy and making it a reality."

A researcher by trade, and a creative at heart, Hope is a Nigerian American dreamer who is obsessed with intentional living and authenticity. For as long as she could remember, words and visuals had been the tools she used to express her thoughts and ideas.

Using her background in Software Development and Visual Design, Hope has led various projects in the Education, Consulting, Government, and Financial Services industries. She has also been at the forefront of conversations around inclusion in technology and has led panel discussions and serves as a mentor for girls.

Hope's experiences have led her to work across emerging markets in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Mauritius, and with technology such as virtual reality. She approaches research through a lens of ethnography and is passionate about demystifying VR through research and creating narratives and products that are sustainable, culturally relevant, and that serve underrepresented communities.